Stuart Beardwell MA BSc Hons (Ost), Practice Principal

Stuart Beardwell
Stuart Beardwell – Osteopath

My interest in Osteopathy comes from a desire to combine theoretical and practical elements in a direct way. To try to make a difference in peoples lives in a small way unhindered by large faceless structures and bureaucracy. We live in a society where personal contact is constantly reduced and relationships are brief. Seldom do we see the same doctor or practitioner.

Osteopathy can hopefully offer a small respite from this system, the personal service,continuity of treatment and individual care are all key components in osteopathic treatment. An osteopath should be able to provide service to all family members from the cradle to the grave as they pass through various stages of life, assisting the changes that their bodies’ make as they alter with time.

I trained as an osteopath at the European School of Osteopathy in Maidstone in Kent. Which I chose as a school with a commitment to the traditional values of Osteopathy maintained the broadest curriculum available at the time. All students are taught cranial and visceral osteopathy as part of the undergraduate course.

When not practicing osteopathy I try, unsuccessfully, to avoid DIY and gardening
chores usually by getting out into the hills to walk or mountain bike.