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Osteopathy looks at the body as a connected whole. The primary  structure of the body is the spine with its associated nerves and blood vessels. When the spine becomes misaligned through trauma; poor posture, fatigue etc, we can suffer from a range of conditions from dull aches and pains  through to severe trapped nerves and acute spasms.

Our bodies are a unique record of our daily lives; they hold the strain patterns of our past traumas, our daily activities and our inherited traits. Some of these we cannot change, but if we are aware of our personal  predisposing factors, then we can at least try to manage them.

Some conditions are clearly the result of short term impacts- bad falls, road traffic accidents, sports injuries etc, but even in these cases, how our body responds can differ from person-to -person depending on the underlying condition of our body. If we have become overweight or lost the strength of our stomach muscles for example, if we do strain our back , it may take a bit longer to resolve.

To achieve a healthy state it is important to have some understanding of the forces that have shaped your own body and engage with managing the situation.

What Do Osteopaths Do?

Osteopaths look to restore balance, this is true on a number of levels. We seek to realign poor posture so the body is capable of functioning more efficiently. This maybe achieved by removing functional patterns that have developed through muscles and joints over time.

We will also ask you to consider areas of imbalance in your daily life that maybe predisposing the issues such as: lack of physical activity, excessive work stress, issues of anxiety or depression.

Our Treatment

How osteopaths work differs from clinic to clinic, some work in a direct physical way using massage and spinal manipulation, others may work with indirect techniques that are less physically challenging: Cranial Osteopathy.

At BeWell clinic all our Osteopaths are trained in a wide variety of approaches and select the techniques applicable to the case at hand. If you have a particular preference for a certain approach, please inform your osteopath at the outset.

How safe is Osteopathy?

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