Here are a few of our satisfied customers, this gives some idea of the range of people we can help.


“I have been receiving treatment from Stuart for few months now – for head, neck & shoulders. It was a significant problem for me, which developed due to several injuries years ago. I am glad to say that it worked for me – I feel much better now and I’m able to come back to full-time job and to cope with my daily routine at home. I hope to continue my treatment at BeWell Clinic to further improve my health. “
‘Mrs K- North Leeds, 2013’

“I have been receiving treatment from Stuart for several months for  neck and back pain as a result of a traffic accident several years ago. I am happy to say that since my treatment began the mobility in my neck has greatly improved and the pain greatly reduced – thank you Stuart.”

‘Mrs G – Rothwell’

“I called Cross Bones following a back injury and was offered an appointment the next day due to the pain I was in. On my first visit Stuart was very sympathetic and assured me that the problem could be treated within 3 sessions. I was due to travel abroad the following week and needed my back to be right. Stuart was able to fit me in a couple more times before I flew which made all the difference.

I’m certainly glad I made the call, now I know there is somewhere to go on my doorstep I’m sure I’ll be back in the future.”

‘Mr M – Cross Gates’

“I have been a patient of Stuart’s for about 1 & 1/2 years now. I receive treatment for neck, back & shoulder problems following a serious car accident I had some years ago. I am keen on sports, particularly Tennis & found that without treatment my shoulder injury becomes aggravated.

The treatment & exercises I have been given by Stuart allows me to maintain a healthy work life balance .

I find Stuart has a friendly and professional approach that makes you feel very relaxed.”

‘Mrs T – Garforth’

“I have been attending my osteopath (BeWell Clinic) for several years. I find it very beneficial for my condition. I have osteoarthritis and suffer in many areas of my body. I used to do a very repetitive job which caused problems with my neck and shoulders. Having regular visits to my osteopath enables me to have long periods of relief. ”

‘Mrs W –  Garforth’