Fruit Juice – Just say No!

Do you start the day with a health glass of freshly squeezed orange juice,  to give you a tangy zip of Vitamin C?

If you do your definitely in the minority because most of us buy our orange juice from concentrate at the Supermarket. What most people do not realise is that although it is high in vitamin C it is also full of sugar as you are basically drinking concentrated fruit syrup. Essentially it’s not that much different from having a coke at breakfast. Anything in liquid form is rapidly absorbed by the body due to the high surface area, the body has to invest no time or energy breaking the substance down, so you get a rapid sugar spike that may give you an immediate boost but can make you hungrier in the mid-term.

So if you need some Vitamin C have a real orange or even some potato (which contain more Vit C than oranges). There is no problem with drinking fruit juice as long as you know what it is, consider diluting it with water and consuming more fat at the same time to slow down the rate of assimilation, perhaps some bacon or buttered toast.

If you’re still trying to lose weight by cutting down on fat – then you’re really missing the point!